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Our History

The strength of our heritage is the backbone of Monex. Monex Europe is part of a wider global financial services group which is a publicly listed, investment grade institution with more than 35 years of experience in the FX industry. Monex Europe is the European arm of Monex Group, a company founded in 1985.

Financial strength

In July 2012, the Monex Group acquired Schneider Foreign Exchange, which was subsequently renamed to Monex Europe Ltd. The financial strength, corporate structure and governance of Monex Europe enables us to continually invest in the business, improve our client offering and constantly adapt in an ever-changing regulatory environment.

global expansion

Building on our success in Europe, we launched Monex Canada in 2017 to focus on providing local support to our corporate clients in North America. In 2018 we established a presence in Asia with the launch of Monfx, our firm based in Singapore.

Scale & Ability

Due to the volume of FX transactions, purchasing power and economies of scale, we are able to continually secure sharper pricing and ensure deeper, more consistent liquidity to our clients.