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Our diverse client base consists of large publicly listed and private companies, SMEs and financial institutions from a variety of sectors across the globe. Service is in the attention to detail, which is why our team of experienced and professional currency specialists mould our services around a client’s specific business needs.

Deliverable Foreign Exchange

Managing FX risk effectively can ensure a number of cost efficiencies across the business. As a leading commercial broker of deliverable FX, we offer our clients a comprehensive suite of FX execution products and unparalleled guidance for corporate clients and high net-worth individuals in need of managing exposure in the foreign exchange market.

Global Payment Solutions

Our innovative global online platform is designed to enable fast, safe and secure same-day and spot foreign currency transactions in over 60 different currencies across the world. Clients can manage cross-border corporate payments and FX contracts, whilst benefiting from sharper pricing and deeper liquidity.

Technology Solutions

Our financial technology solutions ensure our clients’ needs are met in a constantly evolving marketplace, providing our clients with the ability to outsource global payment processes by integrating our API.

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*Financial figures in 2017

into the FX market

We provide our clients with proactive, timely analysis and insight into the currency markets, alongside bespoke analysis for our clients on their individual currency requirements.

Global Forecaster

Recognised as one of the most accurate currency forecasters, Monex Europe is consistently ranked at the top of forecasting tables such as FX Week, Thomson Reuters FX polls and Bloomberg FX forecast accuracy rankings.

in the Media

Our industry-leading FX analysts are quoted on a daily basis in international press and on major news and business channels including Bloomberg, Sky News, BBC World News, The Financial Times, City AM and The Guardian.


Plan A? Plan B? It all looks the same to me

Volatility increased when May stood up in Parliament to announce her “plan B” which looks awfully like plan A but with a set of fake glasses and a moustache on. However, the final shape of the backup plan will only start to take a new form once the voting on amendments commences on the 29th January.

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May seeks Plan B after the catastrophic loss last week

After the historic defeat of her Withdrawal Bill last week Theresa May is once again set to pull a new rabbit out of her hat that can shake the Brexit process out of its deadlock as she is expected to announce her ‘Plan B’ from 14:30 GMT. May will seek to strike further concessions with the EU to clear up the contentious Irish backstop mechanism.

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