Our Suite of

FX Solutions

Specialising in corporate foreign exchange, our focus is on FX solutions designed to help clients improve business efficiency, managing cash flow and foreign exchange risk to protect your profits.

Spot Forex

We access multiple pools of liquidity to secure sharper pricing, enabling our clients to benefit from seamless execution and fast, secure settlement over spot and forward deliverable FX transactions across a range of major, minor and exotic currencies.

Structured FX Products

Through our sister company, Monex Europe Markets Ltd, we offer a selection of structured products to mitigate FX risk. We have a team of dedicated traders who are able to structure bespoke hedging solutions, enabling you to take control of currency exposure on your balance sheet and hedge your currency risk against future movements in exchange rates. We facilitate a range of products including Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs), regulated FX Forwards and FX Options.

FX Forwards

Our FX forward contracts offer an effective solution for mitigating currency risk. Providing both certainty and flexibility for currency requirements, forward contracts can be used to help protect profit margins, cash flow and your bottom line from currency fluctuations. By fixing a price against a budgeted rate, you can help lower business costs on imports and exports, and secure a specified exchange rate for future payments in a foreign currency.

Credit Facilities

As part of our corporate foreign exchange offering, we offer attractive, flexible credit facilities for FX hedging to help our clients secure a favourable rate and avoid inevitable currency fluctuations. Due to our size, purchasing power and extensive counterparty relationships, we are able to offer attractive, flexible credit facilities to accommodate deliverable FX hedging for up to 5 years.

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