Our Offering

Competitive Spot & Forward FX Pricing

Monex Europe provides same-day, spot and forward foreign exchange contracts. Using our purchasing power we negotiate sharper pricing from a pool of liquidity providers – some you may already be using and many that you are not in touch with.

Under our sister company, Monex Europe Markets Ltd, we have a team of dedicated traders who are able to structure bespoke hedging solutions, as well as Non-Deliverable Forwards (NDFs), FX Forwards and FX Options. A client’s ability to enter these trades is dependent on them meeting the classification criteria prescribed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Credit Facilities

Monex provides credit facilities to accommodate our clients’ deliverable hedging requirements. Our forward contracts allow our clients to agree an exchange rate today for delivery up to five years forward.

A secure partner

Founded in 1985, our parent company the Monex Group is a publicly quoted financial services firm. The group have assets of $5.2bn and employs 2,364 people across North America and Europe.

Proactive advice, forecasting and analysis

With fewer clients to cater for than our competitors and a focus on service, we provide our clients with timely domestic, international, and special economic reports. This analysis helps our client base make better informed trading decisions. Monex is consistently ranked as a top 10 global currency forecaster.