Monex Europe expands global footprint with new Madrid office

20th January 2015 By: Admin

Monex Europe, Europe’s leading commercial foreign exchange specialist, today announces the opening of a new office in Madrid on 21 January.

The office, based in the heart of Madrid’s financial district, will be dedicated to serving increasing demand from Spanish clients, whilst significantly enhancing Monex Europe’s foothold in mainland Europe.

The expansion follows three consecutive years of double-digit turnover growth for Monex Europe. Its headcount has also grown 30% across the European business during the same period.

Monex Europe is hoping for another year of over 20% growth in 2015, driven by continued UK success, the expansion into Spain and increasing demand for FX services globally.

Nick Edgeley, Managing Director, Monex Europe, comments: “Global uncertainty in currency markets means forex has never been higher on the agenda of international businesses. As a result, we’re seeing increased demand from clients around the world, but particularly in assisting ambitious organisations in mainland Europe.

“Expanding our presence in Spain means we can better service this demand and also provides a great base for future European growth.”

Monex Europe, headquartered in London, is part of Holding Monex, an international financial services group with 2,300 employees, across offices in Mexico, the United States, Canada, the UK and Spain.

[Photo from l-r: Héctor Lagos Dondé, President and CEO, Holding Monex; Roberta Lajous Vargas, Mexican Ambassador to Spain; Elena Bernardo, Sales Manager, Monex Europe Spain; Mauricio Naranjo, Group Managing Director, Holding Monex; Nick Edgeley, Managing Director, Monex Europe; Shelton Fray, Director, Monex Europe]