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Based in the heart of the City of London, Monex Europe provides confidential, same day spot and forward foreign exchange contracts to a global client base of FTSE-listed companies, large corporations, SMEs and financial institutions.

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Monex Europe has a client base of publicly and privately owned companies, financial institutions, investors and high net worth individuals.

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A publicly listed investment grade global provider of financial products and services, with a presence in Europe, Asia and the US.

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As part of Monex Group, Monex Europe is able to offer deep liquidity and flexibility through its long standing relationships with global counterparties across different time zones.


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US Non-Farm Payrolls

US Non-Farm Payrolls Data – 3/6/2016 The Federal Reserve’s plans to raise interest rates in the near future have hit a serious bump in the road in the form of the May jobs report, which has fallen well below expectations and shown the lowest monthly rate of job creation since […]

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ECB Press Conference

ECB Press Conference – 2/6/2016 Very little was added to the mix during today’s press conference apart from a start date for corporate bond purchases. The bottom line is that the outlook for inflation remains grim, but the ECB is not likely to act until it has no other choice, […]

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